Another Dinette Seat Shower Install


The tub installed



The plumbing underneath



I really intend to cut off the extra length on all the nylon strapping holding the drain hose



The gray water hose connector.  There actually is a small chain to keep the cap from getting lost and will be installed very soon.



The only thing DH had a thing with was putting holes in the ceiling,  so I used gorilla super glue to hold up the D-ring for the shower stall – and for a short piece of clear heavy tubing that I had cut a slit in length-wise. The cut allows the shower head to pop in or out to use as a regular shower head or as a hand-held for better rinsing.

I didn’t want anything to show when the shower was down, but could not come up with a solution.    The clear tube is not toooooooo conspicuous.


D-ring and plastic tubing up-close.  The glue holds like crazy…



Shower head in tube for regular showering



Popped out and hand-held



Shower stall in place.  At first I did not like the dark green color, but then I found out there is no silhouette.  Smile



Air inflated top of “shower stall” to keep the shape.


Now the cool stuff…    at least for those of us without water heaters or water pumps…


Depending on water availability or amount of soil brought back from various activities,  we fill the bucket with 1, 2, or 3 gallons of warm/hot water.  (I made a wrap-around insulator and cut holes in the lid to allow for the tube and cord.  The lid helps keep the water warm – especially with a folded towel laying on top.)



Then we put this little garden pump in the bucket.  Please disregard the other small piece, it was not supposed to be in the pic.  Sad smile   Only the black pump and the clear tubing to the shower head.



Since you can’t stop the garden pump’s water flow at the shower head without ruining the pump (and camping showers are military showers)  we plug the pump into a standard remote controlled socket to turn the pump on and off.



I keep the remote in a zip-lock baggie to keep it dry and hang it from a string at the top of the shower stall. 


Now if we don’t have electric to run the garden pump…  Smile   Another happy idea…  


This two gallon hand-pump sprayer set us back about $18 at our local hardware store.  Filled with hot/warm water and pumped up,  it delivers a darned good camping shower.   And a shower-head nozzle is available!

RL FloMaster sells the shower head nozzle for it for $2.   I have never seen them in stores, but just call their 800 number and you can order.   I have not found a way to order the showerhead nozzles online.   But here is the info for interested parties.

Poly Shower Head Nozzle
Part # 952-361
$2.00/each plus shipping

RL Flo-Master
P.O. Box 289
Lowell, MI 49331
Phone # 1-800-253-4642

You can actually buy the pump and shower head together with the canister in black that is supposed to work as a pump solar shower, but the only place I found them charged $35 and I intend to heat my own water anyway.

This has opened up an entire new world in boon docking for me.  The only thing I was hesitant about was staying reasonably clean.  

I’ve had fun with this –  THANKS PUX!!!

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